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(A not-for-profit organization created to educate and strengthen communities)

About Lanbi


The word LANBI (pronounced lan-bee) is written in Haitian Creole. Lanbi, which means conch shell, symbolizes a special usefulness in the Haitian and Caribbean culture. During the Haitian Revolution (1791-1803), the lanbi was used as an instrument to rally and galvanize the people in support of ending slavery and achieving Independence. Today, through the creation of the LANBI Center for Humanities and Civics, the "conch shell" will serve as a trumpet to awaken disenfranchised constituents in Northern New Jersey.


There is a rapidly increasing need for community building, support for immigrants and services to aid the increasing immigrant population in Northern New Jersey, particularly in Essex County, where LANBI is based. New Jersey is a major immigration destination state. Currently, New Jersey ranks fifth in the U.S. in terms of annual flows of new legal immigrants and refugees from the Caribbean, Latin America, Eastern European countries and Africa . LANBI is committed to strengthening and educating these communities in order to establish a greater sense of self-sufficiency through raising public awareness of the conditions of such people and the remedies available to improve such conditions; in addition, LANBI hopes to encourage further integration within the social fabric of the larger community to address critical issues facing these communities and thereby to improve their quality of life.


The organization aims to stimulate disengaged immigrant populations that are living in Essex and surrounding counties to achieve effective change through education, integration and exposure to opportunities which will give them hope and enhance their pride for a more meaningful participation beneficial to all communities.

LANBI's aspiration is to serve as the beacon of hope to awaken the disengaged members of the immigrant population to opportunities available within their communities while guiding them to embrace the social fabric of the community in which they live, adopt the healthy and viable aspects of the United States’s way of life, and sustain and enrich the essence of who they are


LANBI is a not-for-profit, (501) (c) (3) tax-exempt social service organization incorporated in New Jersey in 2006. LANBI's mission is to educate and strengthen the immigrant community, as well as others. LANBI's goal is to develop and encourage social, economic and civic awareness regarding processes affecting the various immigrant groups from the Caribbean basin culture, as well as others who reside in the three New Jersey neighboring counties -- Essex County, Hudson County and Union County -- so that they can become productive American citizens.